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Collabb is a gamification platform, which fulfills the need for a digital networking space for brands and influencers.

The Idea
Collabb was birthed from the idea that there needs to be a one stop destination for content creators, looking to work with brands of their choice. The platform helps brands and influencers find their perfect match & allows them to co-create content. Whichever side of the fence you fall on, expect a hassle free experience, and an expansion of your digital presence.

The Process


Identifying Influencer/Brand Problems

We surveyed 5000+ content creators and 100+ SME brands to understand their daily concerns in content creation.



Conclusions were derived and a consensus was reached! Post our eureka moment, our team created a 360’ view of the ecosystem and came to a solution ie. Collabb.


Product Design & Development

With the architecture in place to provide brands & influencers with a one stop solution, we followed the product design flow, and made Collabb India’s 1st digital co-working space for brands & influencers!

What We Designed
Custom Illustration
Visual Design
What's Different?

Fashion Clubs :

Use the power of your current social reach to be a part of exclusive fashion clubs on Collabb. What’s more? Each club membership comes with its own perks & privileges. This gives you a chance to underline your personal style!

Brands With Us

Brands With Us
With over 100 brands on Collabb, we make sure you influencers are spoilt for choice! From top designer labels to iconic millennial brands, we’ve got you covered.

Technology Used